You probably have tried multiple times to lose a few kilos, and maybe you experienced that just after an initial success the weight yo-yoed back?

I will lead you through the weight loss process and provide you with:

  • a strategy of our cooperation (based on some initial information you present)
  • a nutrition plan template as well as any necessary further changes and modifications
  • an analysis of the progress we are making during this process
  • contact with me to present any doubts, ask questions or for advice when dealing with unforseen situations
  • great deal of motivation and support in sticking to your strong will as I have gone through every step myself and I “have been in your shoes”
  • an introduction into phisical activity, giving you the right prescriptions which are based on your goals


If you are type 2 diabetic or you suffer from insulin resistance, losing weight is a complex process. Your body needs to learn to re-compose itself. Working on my own health and weight management I came up with a multi-stage treatment process which helps to deal with excessive weight, obesity (metabolic syndrome) and, as a result, increases insulin sensitivity.

Many of my clients have made it so far that the drugs are no longer needed! Of course we do not need to effectively manage bool glucose in order to avoid drugs but rather to avoid possible complications caused by diabetes. I can say about myself that I am a diabetic, however, my blood sugar level is always within the normal range.

I`m fully reversed T2d over 3000 days.
That`s over 8 years of healthy life and no stress about medical costs or diabetes complications


And many more... Many of You don`t want to share Your story or Your diabetic status. That`s clear for me. Most of my clients stay in TOP Secret cooperation status :)

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I`m not selling any "wonder supplements". I`ll answer all Your questions