How I`m working

First of all You have to know that this is whle strategy. Diet plan depends on what stage we`re and from where we`re starting. Finding wonderful diets in internet is easy but You`ve to discover one most important answer. What You want to reach. Imagine that whole porcedure have to radiccaly grow UP Your isnulin sensitivity, reduce all what we can name a T2D cause. It`s almost sure that any single diet plan won`t get this target. Many people think that most important is to get lower Blood Glucose thru the diet but the issue is get norm Blood Sugars not only on low level of carbs for example. If You decided to fight with diabetes remember that Your target is to reach normal blood sugars all the time (not only on diet meals). Progress in Our work shows step by step better results. Thru the whole process I`m teaching You all about Your Diabetes and many nutriton elements which`re most important for You. You`ll be on my supervision all the time. Every monday Well make a week summary and take important decisions about next steps. Based on Blood Glucose analysys and other important elements we`ll develop process to get to the planned progress Every non normal life situation will be planned and prepared Most important is to reach all steps in Our work. Very often people concentrate on diet and don`t think about what and how to get out of the diet plan. That`s why lot of diet effects disappears very fast and situation stays bad for You. I`ve over 10 years experience based on my diabetes. I`m working with a lot of people from many countries and I know that thinking about type 2 diabetes is every where the same. Concentrating on what to eat to stay low is not a good way and not a healthy safe way.


Every Case is individual. Type 2 diabete often coegzist with other disorders.
I`m working also with people who have:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Reactive hipoglycemia
  • Insulin Resistance without diabetes
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Prediabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome

Always under Control

1. You`ll get a few tasks to complete: Preliminary form, Blood tests etc.
2. I`ll analize all data and prepare strategy
3. Now is the time to create diet plan and stages : Diet plan is flexi
4. You`ll get Your diet plan and we work on imlementation
5. Every monday we`ll check last week results and analize all data
6. Mondays`ll show when and how we`ll change stage or diet levels to get result
7. At the end we`ll work on move out from diet to possible high caloric demand (safest model)
8. After a good job we`ll stay in contact always when You`ll need it :)

Doscover how to reverse T2D & make Your life free of weight or diabetes compliications

Let`s talk about the costs

It`s always an individual issue but always in summary a lot cheaper the Insurance copays

Just ask and after a short analize I`ll show You Your own plan.
In some states where diabetes is most dangerous and epidemic I`m working for first one or two months completely free of charge.